Types of Pool Fences

There are various kinds of pool fences depending upon the requirement of the client.

  • Metal fences in the form of bars like aluminium, wrought iron, steel, vinyl etc
  • Fences out of beautiful embellished glass panels
  • Piles of wooden planks giving out an antique look

Each and every pool fence has its own exclusive speciality and also weak points. Buying different kinds of fences solely depends upon the preferences of the client as their own requirement. You need to make up your mind while looking out to choose the fences that whether it is a wind barrier that you are looking for or whether you want safety as you have small kids at home.

Also instead of going for simple pool mesh you can go out for these kinds of different pool fences that helps in getting you the desired aim of installing them. With a variety of option you can easily go for the prices of buying these as per your pockets. Inorder to get an idea of the costing of such fences you can connect with the contractors of your area.

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Extra Costs Factors


It is not only the kind of fence that you look out for but there are certain more factors that bring out the final costs of the pool fence.

Lock Devices: The fencing is either installed on a slope or is inserted within a soil. This increases the costs as the fixing of the fence is designed in a durable manner with a set of lock devices and therefore the installation charges are quite high.

Fence Height: Another important factor that can incur high prices is the height of the fence. Depending upon the height the a set amount of average prices are leveraged and if the height increases from that level the prices too will increase. One should keep in mind the budget before planning the height of the fence.

Upgrading: If you are planning for an extra safety for your pool and are planning for an extra gate slightly taller than the other gate then the materials as well as the fencing will add up the expenditure of the total cost.

It has also been observed that the patio caps that are attached by the homeowners covering the locks too are quite costly and expensive. Some pool owners also go for a mesh specially designed to keep away the reach of children as well as the animal too gives out a boost to the costing of the fence.

Safety Alarms: Many pool owners have imposed extra security on the pool and for that matter they keep in mind the option of keeping alarm on the fence gate thus ensuring that if anyone happened to touch it the owner can automatically proceed towards it. These alarms have to seek a special permission from the court at some places and can add up to extra charges in your budget.

Regional Costs: With the change in geographical areas the costs of materials differs in different regions. While at some places the cost will be high on the other hand the costs will be less in some other regions.

Prices of the Contractor: Each contractor has a different pricing whether it is a pool contractor or fencing contractor they all have a different costing as well as packages. Look out for an experienced contractor for your work so that the fencing is done an appropriate manner.

Install Fence yourself: The best thing that one can do in order to save money is that to install the pool fence by oneself. Though the activity requires a slight of hard work to be installed yet through following certain step by step instruction can very easily install the fence and keep your pool danger free from any kind of problems.

Therefore, if you are looking out to increase the safety of your pool then going out for the fencing is the best option. But before hiring a fencing contractor it is necessary to plan out a budget keeping in mind the extra costs that are incurred both during the installation as well as in maintenance.

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