The 7 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Husqvarna 323HE3 petrol garden shears

The long bar and the adjustment of the angle of deflection of the cutting blades from the longitudinal axis of the tool make it possible to cut with equal ease and at a great height without resorting to a ladder or other “auxiliary equipment” and practically at ground level. To facilitate the launch, the model is equipped with a Smart Start system and a fuel pump. Through the translucent walls of the fuel tank is clearly visible level of fuel, it is easy to control visually.

Flymo EasiCut 600 XT electric hedge trimmer

Flymo EasiCut 600 XT

Electric garden shears are designed for hedge trimmer and shaping shrub thickets. Thanks to the blade of “average” length (60 centimeters), the model is suitable for cutting hard-to-reach areas. A powerful half-kilowatt engine and a wide pitch of the teeth allow cutting branches of a two-centimeter thickness.

WOLF-Garten HSE 65 V electric garden shears

Convenient and light electric brushcutter WOLF-Garten HSE 65 V with a 65-centimeter blade and 600-watt dual-mode motor is designed for hedges with large branches. The pitch of the teeth is 27 millimeters. The most notable feature of this model is the ability to rotate the blade around the longitudinal axis in a range of up to 180 degrees with five fixed positions, which greatly increases the ease of operation.

The model is equipped with a wide range of security systems: anti-blocking, protection of hands and cable, brake blades here link with details information

For storage in the intervals between work, a “quiver” is applied to the model – a case completely covering the blades.

Prokressiv PK 400 HS / PK 500 HS electric garden shears

Simple and inexpensive models of a household class with a minimum set of functional features. Simply put, “nothing superfluous.” They differ from each other in engine power: 400 and 500 watts respectively. Knives of medium length (400/510 millimeters), with a distance between the teeth of 14 and 18 millimeters, respectively. Bilateral webs move in antiphase, this reduces the level of vibration. Transparent frontal shield protects hands from flying scraps. Other safety measures are also not forgotten: the model is switched on by two switches, if one of them is released, the emergency brake operates.

Raco 4210-53 / 212 mechanical shearing machines

Raco 4210-53 212

Thanks to telescopic steel handles, the length of the scissors varies in the range from 62 to 85 centimeters. Adjustment smooth, swivel lock securely locks the handles in any chosen position.

Wave-shaped blades with special coating prevent slipping of branches during cutting. A distinctive feature of the model is the application of the German blade processing technology by the anti-slip coating Hitekflon, which provides sharpness of the blades and a light smooth cut without strong friction. Tempered blades are made of high-carbon steel, have a long service life and are cut very carefully.
Pressing the blades against each other can be adjusted with a special screw. There is a return spring, which facilitates the work. Handles are ergonomic, with a soft coating.

Fiskars 114770 mechanical shears

Light hand scissors with hardened stainless steel blades. Lower blade – with antifriction coating.

Of special interest is the power drive – the gear train increases the moment on the blades 3.5 times. This makes it possible to bite thick branches with less effort. Lightweight and durable handles are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide (Nyglass), there is a cushioned limiter protecting hands.