Liner replacement! How to remodel your pool.

We carry a wide range of beautiful, durable liners, all custom made to specifically fit your pool’s exact dimensions.
Let’s get started. Once you’ve decided on a Liner a date is scheduled for the construction process to begin.

Day 1. After pumping out the water from your pool, the existing Liner is sectioned off and removed. Repairs are made (if needed) and measurements are then taken.


Day 2. The dimensions are faxed off, checked for irregularities, and a confirmation email is received to await the go-ahead. After everything is looked over and approved, permission is then given for the manufacturing of your New Liner to begin. This process can take up to 4 days with another 3/5 days for shipping.

Day 3. When your New Liner arrives it is carefully positioned in your pool, suction applied, and the water restored.

Day 4. By this time your pool should be about full. Startup chemicals are placed in the water and your circulation system is reinstated. After a quick cleanup YOUR READY TO SWIM!


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