How Much Does A Pool Fence Cost

Having a pool to enjoy during summers is one of the most amazing things one can do during the season but ensuring the safety of the swimming pool is another important thing that a pool owner should keep in mind. In most parts of the world it is necessary to surround the swimming pool with a fence or any kind of covering.

As the saying goes that prevention is better than the cure. Therefore having a pool fence across the pool is one of the most preventive measures that anyone can take to reduce any kind of tragic accidents near the pool. What should be kept in mind is the fact that the fencing should be durable as well as impervious during any kind of scaling or digging process.

The pool  fence is the best defensive measure that keeps away both the small children as well as pets from going down to the deep shallow waters of the pool. The pool fence cost just a little price with an amount nearly to $1,200 or more depending the length and quality required.

pool fence

Here are certain misconceptions that the cost depends upon the thickness of the fence however one can find all kinds of pool fences ranging from different sizes, color combinations, materials, styles etc.

Though they come up in variety they need to fulfil the requirement as well as the standards as prescribed by the authorities in order to assure safety and security of the people using the swimming pool.

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Laws Of Buying Pool Fence

It has been observed that across the world in many cities and countries there are certain laws that have made it a mandatory thing to have a fence or any other kind of barrier surrounding the swimming pool. This is not compulsory everywhere but still for safety concerns one should always opt for the fence near the pool area.

A lot of people have adopted the measures as prescribed the government which completely bans the small child to be getting over or crossing the fence mesh in order to gain any kind of access through the pool.

pool fence

The CPSC law for pool safety says:

  • The fence should be at least 4 ft tall.
  • It should not be having any kind of support of the hand hold or foot hold that facilitates the climbing of the fence.
  • The clearance at the bottom of the pool should be at least 4 inches.
  • It should also include the features as well as specifications of self closing and self locking of the gate.

Apart from this one can also look out to for the specific guidelines and local laws prescribed by the authorities for the safety of the pool. If there are no guidelines or laws of installing a pool fence in your area still you should try and ensure that you look after of installing one at your place so that there won’t be any kind of mishaps or tragic accidents taking place. These features are somewhat related to your homeowners insurance.

Removable Pool Fences

As per the need and requirement of the pool owners a variety of pool fences are available in the market. In order to go out for an economical and cost effective measure one can go for the specially made removable pool fence through which you can remove fence from pool as and when required depending upon the safety concerns.

It is like a mesh form which can easily be anchored through the pool deck or any kind of surface that can easily make it fixed and can be removed if it’s not in use depending upon the laws of the area.

Such kinds of customized fences are designed according to the requirements and can be adjusted as per the need and the height of the fence required in your area. The cost of such kind of fence falls somewhere between $15-20 per foot. As per the project the cost of the per foot of fence differs and for large projects it might come down depending upon the budget of the project.

Another thing that makes the cost differs is the kind of area where the pool is installed.If it is on the ground floor where the options to install and anchor  are generally slight low then at such places the costs leverage will be higher  since it will require a higher man force and resources.

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