Hedge Trimmers, Double-sided Hedge Trimmers

If you do not work on upgrading the countryside, soon the plants will seize its territory. Although this case is troublesome and requires effort, there are special tools that will save time and accomplish all tasks very quickly. This is a manual garden shears, and electric models for pruning shrubs and branches.

Especially require care of perennial plants, shrubs and hedges. Work on the landscape design of a small area does not require any special tools and adaptations. If the site territory is significant, simple kitchen scissors are indispensable here, you need serious tools.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Work in the garden area is not always easy, so companies offer to the villagers tools that can change their work for the better. In addition to relief, such devices are better treated and cropped.

Cordless brush cutters

The latter include garden battery scissors for grass. Someone can say that without them you can cope on the site, but these devices, as experts recommend, will help make the lawn almost ideal. Other equipment, including trimmers or lawnmowers with this can not cope.

Most often, devices are used for cutting grass growing near a fence, flowers, bushes and trees, i.e. where others can not handle the lawn problematically with gas bush trimmer.

It is also easy to cut them:

  • edge of the lawn;
  • bypass flower beds and other plantings on it.

Such work always causes problems, but thanks to the mobile tool on batteries, now it has become a pleasure, as can be confirmed by the happy owners of the mechanism. Now you can quickly, and most importantly, without loss for plants to carry out the necessary pruning. If you use a brush cutter, and also supplement the scissors with a removable handle, you can work without even bending.

Another plus – you do not need to pull the meters of the electrical cable, pour gasoline into the tank and breathe exhaust fumes, and also suffer from noise. In this case, work with battery devices is pleasant and convenient.


  1. Immediately get two batteries, because the discharge speed depends on the manufacturer, you do not need to wait a few hours until it restores working capacity. The more battery power, the longer it can work. For example, 24 Ah is enough for 2-3 days, but 12 Ah for only one day of work in the garden.
  2. Pay attention when choosing a type of battery, prefer lithium-ion, which can also be used with other garden tools, for example, saw, scythe, brush cutter or lawn mower.
  3. Try to buy devices with cutting blades that can rotate by 90 ° and cut the grass growing through the slots of the masonry.
  4. Use a long telescopic handle. Otherwise, you will have to hold the grass with your left hand, and keep the tool slightly at an angle, lifting its part where there are no knives. Otherwise, you can damage your fingers. The telescopic handle enhances convenience and makes use safer. In addition, around the bushes with its help to cut a pleasure.


Landscaping and garden work require time and effort, so manufacturers offered customers electric garden shears that can perform tasks faster and better. Also on sale are mobile models that do not require an electrical connection. Choosing garden equipment and equipment, listen to the recommendations of specialists. The video in this article will help you find additional information on this topic.