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Murphy beds, also referred to as stow away beds or hidden beds, you provide an elegant and practical solution to the need for a place for a good night’s sleep without consuming valued floorspace in a small apartment, loft, guest room, or even an office.

One of the most versatile forms of small apartment furniture, a Murphy bed can be positioned either vertically or horizontally according to one’s preference. A Murphy bed can consolidate enough space to convert a bedroom into a home office, or allow a den to do double duty as a guest room.

Murphy beds can be concealed behind an attractive façades such as a cabinet or a bookcase with decorative elements such as crown molding. A design especially appropriate for those with personal libraries and small space, is a bed when in its upright position, stands up behind a bookshelf with a central section that projects beyond the sections to either side. In this design, the central section divides and parts to reveal the fold-down bed. While traditionally a Murphy bed lowers down to reveal either bare wall, framed picture, or inset lighting fixtures, today it is possible to conceal a flatscreen TV behind the bed.

A broad assortment of Murphy bed wall systems are available, both well crafted or as DIY projects; Beds can fold down onto a hassock, or the bed can pull out like a drawer.A search for “Murphy bed” on Youtube will return many videos showing the range of ingenious mechanisms in action.

The cost can be lowered by constructing the Murphy bed frame out of particleboard and using a wood veneer to create the appearance of solid wood. More expensive beds are constructed from solid wood, hand finished with a stain and coat of matte or glossy polyurethane.

Although instructions to build a Murphy bed are found on the Internet, Murphy beds necessitate patented mechanisms using pistons, or counterweights which let the bed to unfold smoothly with minimal effort. The companies which fabricate the kits frequently furnish instructions on designing and technical support. You can even compare those reviews from Wayfair vs Overstock to get more information and useful tips for using Murphy beds.

The basic Murphy bed design is a box fitting inside another box, on legs which rotate in or out, depending upon the position of the bed. The cabinetwork encompassing the bed can be basic or ornamented.

The bed frame can be wood or metal.  Metal frames have the advantage of being lighter-weight, making the bed easier to lower for elderly or handicapped users.

You can find tips on how to install Murphy beds here.

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