Cleaning Pine Furniture

Everyone loves having great looking furniture, and when you first purchase your furniture, it looks amazing. It’s got that new furniture look and smell, and you’re sure to get some compliments on it. However, after a few months, you’re going to notice your furniture getting dirty or starting to show a bit of wear. To keep your furniture looking great, you’ve got to clean it regularly.

Most vacuum cleaners come with one or more additional hoses which can be used for cleaning furniture. Just connect your vacuum to the mains as well as the vacuum attachment and remove the hair and dirt. It should pick up many of the hairs, dust, and other things that have ended up on your furniture. A small handheld vacuum clean can be used to clean some furniture. It is worth knowing that the mojority of handheld vacuum cleaners have better cleaning suction than their larger cousins. If you have a handheld vacuum cleaner then it is much more beneficial to use this instead.


Cat fur can be left on furniture a great deal and accumulate quite quickly. Attempting to keep animals from jumping up on furniture will mean you get there in the end. As well as this, their fur can travel in the air. To help battle this, you may want to use a lint brush to remove as much fur from your furniture as you can before you vacuum. Vacuums, especially the hose attachments, may not be able to get all of the fur up off the furniture.

Depending on the furniture in your home may depend on how you clean it. You may not need to vacuum it as much (or at all), but you will need to wipe it down. There are some special leather cleaners you can purchase, but you don’t always need to use them. Instead, you can use a simple deodorizing spray to clean your furniture. If you come across a mark or two on your leather sofa for exampe, a specialist maybe needed to remove the mark.

When it comes to cleaning wooden pieces of furniture made from pine or oak, you’ll need to invest in some sprays and products designed specifically for solid pine sideboards, tables and wooden chairs or beds. All that is needed is to spray cleaner on your furniture and wipe down which removes all the dust. All the wooden furniture worked on will look brand new. It’s quick and easy, although if you need to buff out scratches, it may be a bit more challenging.

Furniture that includes glass tops such as some dining room tables and coffee tables will require glass cleaner. Again, just like wooden cleaner, all you have to do is spray it down with your glass cleaner and wipe it off. This will remove all the fingerprints and other smudges on the glass, making it look like new.

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