Best microwaves 2019: Our pick

A microwave oven is a useful technique that has become well-established in professional and home kitchens.

She cooks very quickly and is also easy to clean.

In addition, the oven is a profitable acquisition, because it allows you to create delicious and complex dishes, and not just defrost meat or heat sandwiches.

In order not to miscalculate with your purchase, carefully study the rating, which includes the best microwave ovens.

Types of Microwaves

By functionality, there are such microwaves:

  • The cracker. It doesn’t cost much, it implements a small program range. Basically, this is heating, stewing, braising and roasting. The speed of this device is reasonable, but is sufficient for a small family.
  • Mikrovolka plus grill. This wonderful stove can produce a grill heap and other similar tastes.
  • Grill and air convection: a fan has been added to the grill, distributing the hot air inside the chamber. Such a microwave perfectly extinguishes the meat and bakes excellent cakes.
  • Invert oven. Such a device is equipped with an additional heating regulator.

Samsung GE87MC

Samsung GE87MC bästa mikrovågsugnar

According to reviews, this is one of the best built-in microwave ovens on the modern home appliance market. Power is 800 watts, and it can be changed. This microwave oven will easily warm and defrost absolutely any foodstuff.

The body is painted silver, inside is covered with bio-ceramic enamel, with which you can easily clean grease and oil residues. The volume of the heating cabinet is 20 liters. The door opens with a special key.

The oven has a number of automatic programs for heating, defrosting and cooking. Microwaves evenly disperse throughout the entire working volume, so the products warm up evenly. The camera has automatic backlight. A special sound signal will inform you of the completion of work; there is a child lock function.


  • It works almost silently;
  • There are 17 work programs;
  • The camera is very roomy;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • The usual defrost mode is not provided, only fast;
  • Some users report insufficient backlight brightness.


Samsung MS23F302EAS

Samsung-MS23F302EAS test

Already by design, you can understand that we are talking about a reliable microwave that has a modern, stylish look. Clear control goes well with a mirror surface.

In addition, the developers took care of the good functionality of the device. Using this technique, you can defrost different foods, warm up and even cook a number of dishes without any problems. Using the automatic menu, you can set the timer, optimally select the defrost.

A capacity of 23 liters is enough for families for 4-5 people. The turntable has an increased diameter of up to 28.8 centimeters. This suggests the possibility of using larger dishes.

The power is regulated through six modes, the maximum value at which is 800 tons. It is worth adding that this model is equipped with an innovative bio-ceramic coating on which bacteria are not stored. In this case, the coating is resistant to scratches and dirt.


  • simple cleaning;
  • enlarged table;
  • good coverage;
  • many functions;
  • reliable brand.


  • easily soiled surface.

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