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Garden shears are available in the arsenal of many gardeners.

Scissors are used for cutting bushes, grass or flowers, but not many know how they are called. In this article, you will learn about the purpose of this tool, the types of scissors and get acquainted with a brief description of possible secateurs.

Garden shears: description and purpose of the tool

A garden shears or a pruner are a hand tool. It is used to cut off shoots and not thick branches. It is used when caring for shrubs, tree crowns and grape harvesting.

The standard pruner is made of several parts: working blade, bolt and nut, spring, support blade, buffer, lock and handles.

With a working blade, a good cutting ability is achieved. The angles of the blade are very sharp. This is done for the correct and clean cut of plant tissue without cleavage.

The bolt keeps the cutting edges and, if properly operated, is always tightened.

The spring returns the pruner to its original position after trimming.

The supporting blade is specially curved. This is done to reduce friction. The blade is provided with a special groove for draining the juice. Bending serves to better capture the escape and its retention.

The buffer limits the progress of the handles during the cutoff.

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The lock secures the pruner in the closed state, and the handles are made to prevent rubbing of the calluses when pruning the plant.

Secateurs can be large and small. Large garden shears are used for cutting high hedges and shrubs, and small ones for cutting grass and bushes.

Types of garden shears

Types of garden shears

Garden scissors are of different types and purposes, and they all have different names.

Garden shears with an anvil are used for cutting dry branches. They significantly reduce the burden on the hand, therefore, they are convenient to handle a large number of trees and bushes.

Garden scissors with ratchet mechanism used to prune any kind of branches. They can cut off thick shoots and twigs.

Scissors have two cutting blades, and are used for pruning flowers and young shoots.

Shrub scissors have long handles and are convenient for cutting bushes. Handles reduce the applied effort during operation and cope with branches 50 mm thick.

Rod barrel scissors are used for cutting highly placed branches.

There are also mechanical and electric garden shears. They allow you to perform large amounts of work in the shortest possible time.

Selection of hand-operated scissors

Hand-operated scissors with long knives are often used for cutting shrubs. For large plants, scissors with toothed or wavy sharpening are used. They hold the branch and do not let it slip out. Such pruning is faster and more efficient.

Many companies have in their arsenal professional models of hedge shears. A feature of such products is the gear or lever transmission. With this function, the load on the hands is significantly reduced.

Also there are models with telescopic handles. They are designed to work with shrubs of varying heights.

Blades of manual garden scissors, most often, have a protective coating of Teflon or zinc. They prevent sticking of leaves and corrosion.