Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressors are one of the most important tools in many industrial setups. From cars to buildings, each nut and bolt and finishing job is the outcome of air-powered tools and machinery. In spite of its wide usage, an air compressor is of little use by itself. For each job wherein the machine is the main driving force, it is the accessories that move the pressurized air towards particular applications. However, with the existence of a vast range of accessories for a compressor, choosing the right ones might be a tricky task.

Important accessories you may need for your compressor


A hose acts as a connecting device between the compressor and the pneumatic tool you use for a particular application. While most of the machines come with hoses, it is best to buy a couple of extra hoses. In case a hose gets bend, you can replace the damaged piece with the new one. Also, you may need different types of hoses for different pneumatic tools to match the volume capacity requirements.

Hose reels

Hose reels are actually protective devices for hoses. When the compressor is not in use, you have to wrap the hoses for safety. Reels serve as spools for wrapping the hoses around. Safely stored hoses within reels will serve you effectively for years.

Tool attachments

Whether the compressor is used for auto repairs or furniture assembly, some pneumatic tools can fulfill a wide variety of needs. However, these tools do not come with the machine. You have to buy them separately. Common examples of tool attachments without which a compressor operator can’t work include nail guns, blowgun, paint sprayer, drills and sanders.

Fittings and adaptors

In accordance with the kinds of applications for which you would like to use the compressor, you may want to buy fittings and adaptors. This holds true when you add a new piece of tool to your working arsenal. In such a case, you will need new fittings/adaptors to connect the tool to an already existing hose.


When the ambient air is being processed into compressed air, many impurities could get to the mix. If these impurities are not removed, it can hamper the functioning of the machine. You can eliminate such impurities by adding quality filters to the compressor.

Air regulator

The requirements of air pressure differ from one tool to another and from one project to another. This is where a regulator comes into the picture to help out. An air regulator will regulate the amount of air pressure and deliver required pressure for a particular work, thus saving wastage of pressurized air and avoiding possible damages.

Air line lubricators

Like other machines, compressors depend on oil, which enables metal parts to rub against each other without creating corrosion and friction. In the absence of oil, machine parts are likely to get damaged. The collision between parts will also affect the smooth working of the equipment. You can avoid any such problem by including air line lubricators in the machine. By providing the required amount of oil, lubricators will ensure the swift working of the compressor without any wear and tear.


Because of intense processes that take place within the air compressor, substantial levels of vapor and heat get accumulated in the residue of compressed air inside the machine. It is essential to get rid of these residues to reuse the machine again. For this reason, an after-cooler is necessary for the compressed air process. Each time the compressor is used, the after-cooler lowers the temperature of the compressed air to desired levels. Also, the after-cooler condenses the vapor into the water for easy drainage.

Bottom line

An air compressor can be really handy in accomplishing a wide range of tasks in any sector. However, you need to have relevant air compressor accessories to make the machine work as desired.

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