3 Reasons to Choose Company-Sponsored CDL Training

In order to secure a truck driving job in the USA you are obligated by the law to first get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are different ways for acquiring your CDL, including registering in a company-sponsored CDL training program like those offered by Premier Truck Driving Schools. Such program is also freely available nowadays in most community colleges.

A prospect truck driver has the option to also choose whether to undertake a company-sponsored CDL training (also referred to as paid) or join a private CDL school. No matter your taste or preference of training, just ensure you train properly and your probability of landing a truck driving job will be quite high.

Deducing from recent transport statistics which suggest our industry is short of drivers.

However, it is advisable that new drivers enroll for company-sponsored CDL training program. There is plenty of reason to support this method of training as a better option. Here are three main reasons to choose a paid program over private CDL training.


A result oriented approach

Private CDL schools and Community colleges are certainly not pursuing after the same kind of results as company-sponsored CDL training programs. The first two methods of program are mostly interested in the generic outcome.

Meaning they only assist students to acquire their license with the common goal of guiding them into an uncertain form of employment in the future. They are oblivious as to where the students will find a truck driving job or not. Others seem to be less concerned while some do not even care.

Training through company-sponsored CDL systematically molds a new driver and after graduating you can easily get a driving job. This is because the desired result of paid CDL training is to teach drivers everything they are required to know in order to be efficient drivers and always regard road safety.

Drivers in company-sponsored CDL programs acquire a high standard of training since they are expected to operate the company’s equipment and also serve their customers in the future.

Guaranteed employment after training

When new drivers complete their training from private CDL programs and community college they immediately embark on hunting down a truck driving job. However, your average tracking company only employs experienced drivers.

This situation creates a huge problem for new drivers in the trucking industry. Most of them having driving qualifications from community colleges or private CDL programs, yet are turned down by employers due to lack of real-life experience.

On-the-job training

The company-sponsored training does not conclude with the new driver passing the CDL test. Instead, the new driver is assigned to an on-the-job training program for further assistance from a driver trainer.

This is a more holistic and realistic program as it aims at borrowing what drivers have learned inside the classroom and applying it in real life driving. This is an excellent way to acquire truck driving skills.

New drivers are paired with experienced driver trainers to guarantee they acquire the best on-job training there is to offer. This gives them a chance to learn everything they need to know to drive alone, coupled with real-life experience on the road.


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